Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lageraho Gandhigiri

Hi friends,
6 months back i saw Rang De Basanti really got facinated by the theme of the story and enjoyed the movie a lot.Then i thought that it would have been better for india,if we had got independence through those radical freedom fighters ,whose sacrifices were rarely recognized by many indians.But now after seeing Munnabhai 2 .I once again i remembered the gandhi's life ("My Experiments with Truth" a book abt gandhi's life,which i read long back).After reading the book we learn one thing i.e "Ordinary people can do extraordinary things".He believed in certain principles and lived with them till his death.I do not say that the path then followed by the Rebel Freedom fighters is wrong,bcoz then they r fighting with outsiders.Now there r no outsiders in this country,so the same path should not be followed now.To fight with our own people ,if we use force then it becomes gundagiri which is just like removing the pillars of our house by ourself,which is not advisable now.So now we as a youth of this country can vow to inculcate certain gandhian priciples in our life
Ab Is Desh Mein Gundagiri Nahi Chalega Bus Gandhigiri