Sunday, January 01, 2012

Maddy is Back

This new year I took my resolution to continue my writings in my blog, I started this blog to keep all my thoughts in words, never thought that so many people would read my blog regularly. More and more I experience life, more clarity I got on different aspects of life. I would share the same to the world through my words, because somewhere someone would definitely get influenced. My next blog would be about my failure while starting a school "All IZZ Well" in Hyderabad.

My sincere thanks to all the friends who had given their valuable comments, Each good word of yours about my blog motivated me to get into action to share my experiences. Thank you once again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrated Gandhigiri on July 19th

This birthday is one of the finest bithday that I had ever celebrated
I had taken up few activities and able to execute them successfully,
I used the word gandhigiri, because the activities that I had taken up
brought smiles on some faces and happiness in many hearts.

Activity 1: Just like every year, this year too I had planted a small
tree plant at our owners backyard. My owners are Happy

Activity 2: My visually challenged friend Amit Kumar from Delhi, is
suffering from a wound, which requires small surgery to
get it cured, Recently he left his job, to prepare for
government job, So thinking of his financial condition
he is postponing his surgery and bearing the pain. So
I had send some money for his surgery, He felt very
Happy for my help.

Activity 3: I took new dress and new pair of sandels for my adopted
younger brother Sai for his birthday, which he would be
celebrating on Aug 18 (Sai is orphan kid and he is HIV
positive, Last year Birthday I adopted Sai, everymonth
I sponser his boarding, lodging and educationalexpenses
and everyday we talk to each other.

Activity 4: In the evening I went to Sivananda Asramam in Kukatpally
Hyderabad (It is a home for children of HIV Positive
children of parents having Leporsy) I took
some note books and some snacks with me, They sung bday
song for me and gifted me a friendship band and few
greeting cards prepared by them. After that I made the
children laugh by asking few funny questions, At the
end there was big clap by all the children, clapping in
groups always makes children happy.

Personally I had done few things for myself and I think they are worth

1) Morning I went to temple and just thanked GOD, for giving me another
birthday to celebrate, A whole hearted thanks.

2) Started Listening to Ramayanam recited by sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao,
Ramayanam is not a Religious epic, but it is a spiritual knowledge
A story of a king called Ram, who teaches us how to lead a life.

3) For the first time in my life I did somthing with lot of courage and
boldness, First time I had been Expressive and able to speak up my heart.
This one thing made my birthday really special and brought lot of
happiness to me.

Every Year I share about my birthday celebrations, to as many people as possible,
Not for saying that I had done great things but for showing how a common
man like u and me can celebrate our birthdays in a meaningful day. I am really
sorry if I had hurted anybody by telling about my activities (There are
people who strongly believe that service done shud not be talked about), But
what to do every year I get calls from friends and somtimes even from strangers
saying that after reading my mail that they too started doing good things on
their birthdays and also on their loved one s birthdays.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Voice of Common Man

Recently I went to a nearby temple early in the morning,
As Hindus consider that day as very auspicious day and
visiting temple on that day is considered as very good.
So when I reached there, lot of people are already waiting
outside the temple in the quee, suddenly when the temple
volunteers went inside the temple to control the mob inside
the temple, they closed the gates of the temple, to clear the
devotees who are already in the temple,mob outside the temple
blocked the main entrance door of the temple. As the devotees
inside temple could not go out from the main entrance door,
they opted a narrow path where electric wires are lying of
the ground, people inside the temple are carefully comming
out slowly from this narrow lane, People ouside the temple
who thought that they are getting late to their offices,
started getting into the temple from the path where the
people comming out. Everybody identified the risk of going
in that path but still they are going ahead into the temple.
Slowly more and more people started opting the
same path, As there are no volunteers to stop the people in
choosing that wrong path, all the people were risking their
own lives. I was thinking some one need to stop them from
going that way, then it striked me why someone why not me.
I stood in front of that path stopping people getting into
that temple by that way, Some questioned me who am I to stop
them, Some criticized me of doing a devil's job by not
allowing them into the temple, But I started explaing
what was the possible risk if mor and more people choose
that path. Many who got convinced about what I am saying
joined hands with me and we formed a chain blocking that
wrong path to enter into the temple. A police personel
who came temple along with his family appreciated our
effort. Later everything got normal.
At times we may not be a authorized people to do
some task, but to prevent somthing bad happening and for
larger good of the peole, we can take some responsibilities
on our shoulders and act to a role that is required at that

Diversity in Unity

We feel proud when we hear that this nation(India) is a
Unity in Diversity. But today politicians are doing their
best to find out the diversity in that unity, They are
polorizing people on the basis of Region,Religion,language,
caste, creed and even the accent of the language used and to
a great extent they are becomming successful, also becomming
heros in that polorized group. People are started listing out
few uncommon things with others, leaving apart a big list of
Common things that they share together. Across Globe when people
are talking about rubbing away borders(European Unoion) we are
talking about drawing more lines, this is a bad sign. Yes there
are sentiments and we have to respect them, also there
are problems and we to find a solution to them but not
creating other big problem.
No leader is going to change the things and no government can do
everything. It is the responsibility of every citizen to findout
ways to reach the core problems and find a solution for that.
Every citizen should become a leader and they have to
lead by example and so not allowing our cunning politicians to
involve in divisive politics by playing with the sentiments of
the people. Let's save this nation. JaiHind.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Letters of Hope

One month back, I took tarak along with me for some
work of mine. After completion of the work while re
turning back, we visited his sisters house which is
on the way. Actually she is not his sibling nor his
cousin, but a few letters build that relationship.
The story began when Tarak was in college,
One day he was travelling in train along with his
friends, in the same train she was travelling, One
of the Tarak's friend srinivas started talking with
her. A NRI girl from UK who came to India after sudden
dismise of her parents by discontinuing her education.
After comming to India her own relatives rejected her.
All these events led to a feeling of lonliness, which
later turned to depression, She wanted somebody
to share her fellings of greif and srinivas provided
that listening ear.
After hearing this touching story of her from srinivas,
Tarak started writing letters to her hostel where she was living
alone. This continued for few years, One day when Tarak
met her for the first time after years he was surprised
to hear that the letters he wrote saved her life. Because
of the depression she often used to get a feeling of
commiting suside, at that moment she used to read the letters
of tarak again and again which gave her lot of strength and
confidence and later she even joined a call center and started
earning for herself making a step forward for a better future.
I felt very happy listening this story from Tarak and I
could not able to resist myself appreciating tarak for this
noble act, realized the power of good words which can bring
hope and can even save lives. I too decided to write letters
to people whom I come across who are depressed and sad and
who requires some hope to look at the future. Thank you
tarak for this wonderful message.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Being Good and Doing Good

Many come with the argument that if one is good then that
itself is the greatest contribution to the society, But
the fact is our good is of no use when it cannot help
someone in need, cannot give hope to someone who is
depressed, cannot bring smile to someone who is sad.
If someone is good then he/she is the one who could do
some good to the society and this is the time for action.
Some say that "I would start doing somthing to society
when I.........." But that time would never come until
we commit to do somthing to society from today. Yes
everybody is busy and running fast for their careers and
ambitions in their life, but at the same time we had that
responsibility on our shoulders to give our hand to those
who could not move forward. One need not be a Bill Gates
or Naraya moorthy or any other celebrity to do this and
one should remember that everybody cannot be a Bill Gates.
Every common man can do his bit by doing what ever he can.
Living and let living is the true meaning of life.

Some Tips: This is how I started doing somthing in small
ways to the society.
1) When somthing good happens in my life
like getting job, achieving somthing, good things happening
to my family memebers, for birthdays, annivarsaries etc, I
made it a point to do some good work for others without
expecting anything in return, As all the good things bring
happiness in my life, I decided to share that happiness with
as many people as possible.
2)I sacrifice small small comforts of mine and save that money,
like travelling in AC for long journeys, giving grand parties
for small achievements, Watching lot of movies in Malls. All
these are really small things but I feel good sacrifising these
small things because I use that money for somthing really useful.
3)Creating awareness about social issues in my own world, like
for eg. keeping a tag "Stop Child Labour" at the end of every email
I send,because many times people around may not recognize some
issues as problems that need to tackled.

No matter who we are or where we are, still there would be people
around us, who are desperately waiting for our help and it is our
duty to reach them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The story of Govind

After nearly one year later I am publishing a post in my blog,
because something touched my heart so deeply that I felt worth
sharing. Recently I organized a picnic to some of the orphan
kids in an orphanage, who were feeling lonely during the dussera
vacation. While we are returning from the picnic, I sat with babu
(a physically challenged boy who is eldestamong all the kids) and
asking about all the other kids, then I came toknow this story of
10 years back when govind was just months old baby,
he was found in a public dustbin to a social worker, Govind was in
that dustbin without food and water for 3 days and this damaged
his brain cells to a great extent. Today he is 10 year old
physically challenged boy with both his hands and legs crippled,
still he was going to school and pursuing his education, but slowly
things became worse to govind, slowly he started loosing his sight
and becoming blind. When doctor was consulted, he said that slowly
each part of the govind s body would stop working and then he would
die,because of the damaged brain cells.
Babu said that one day govind came to him and
expressed that he no longer wants to live and want to die as soon
as possible. Listening to those words from babu, I felt really
touched deep down in my heart,Also I felt very bad that a ten
year old boy who saw nothing in his life other than grief and
grim is waiting for his death to come. Immediately I felt like
doing something to save his life, but it is nearly impossible,
all that we can do is,give him some sweet moments in life, some
happier times to cherish and most importantly some good words
of hope. There are many govind s out there in this society
and it is our duty to reach them and bring HOPE in their lives.