Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrated Gandhigiri on July 19th

This birthday is one of the finest bithday that I had ever celebrated
I had taken up few activities and able to execute them successfully,
I used the word gandhigiri, because the activities that I had taken up
brought smiles on some faces and happiness in many hearts.

Activity 1: Just like every year, this year too I had planted a small
tree plant at our owners backyard. My owners are Happy

Activity 2: My visually challenged friend Amit Kumar from Delhi, is
suffering from a wound, which requires small surgery to
get it cured, Recently he left his job, to prepare for
government job, So thinking of his financial condition
he is postponing his surgery and bearing the pain. So
I had send some money for his surgery, He felt very
Happy for my help.

Activity 3: I took new dress and new pair of sandels for my adopted
younger brother Sai for his birthday, which he would be
celebrating on Aug 18 (Sai is orphan kid and he is HIV
positive, Last year Birthday I adopted Sai, everymonth
I sponser his boarding, lodging and educationalexpenses
and everyday we talk to each other.

Activity 4: In the evening I went to Sivananda Asramam in Kukatpally
Hyderabad (It is a home for children of HIV Positive
children of parents having Leporsy) I took
some note books and some snacks with me, They sung bday
song for me and gifted me a friendship band and few
greeting cards prepared by them. After that I made the
children laugh by asking few funny questions, At the
end there was big clap by all the children, clapping in
groups always makes children happy.

Personally I had done few things for myself and I think they are worth

1) Morning I went to temple and just thanked GOD, for giving me another
birthday to celebrate, A whole hearted thanks.

2) Started Listening to Ramayanam recited by sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao,
Ramayanam is not a Religious epic, but it is a spiritual knowledge
A story of a king called Ram, who teaches us how to lead a life.

3) For the first time in my life I did somthing with lot of courage and
boldness, First time I had been Expressive and able to speak up my heart.
This one thing made my birthday really special and brought lot of
happiness to me.

Every Year I share about my birthday celebrations, to as many people as possible,
Not for saying that I had done great things but for showing how a common
man like u and me can celebrate our birthdays in a meaningful day. I am really
sorry if I had hurted anybody by telling about my activities (There are
people who strongly believe that service done shud not be talked about), But
what to do every year I get calls from friends and somtimes even from strangers
saying that after reading my mail that they too started doing good things on
their birthdays and also on their loved one s birthdays.

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rajita said...


Too good blog.I was searching for something and accidentally got his blog.

Can i know the name of your younger brother.And also i am a member of Prayaas,an organization that helps people in need.Let me know if you know such people.

I too love to help orphan kids.may be i am attracted to this blog for that.

Whatever,really very nice of you.Keep going and its always good to share the good things you do.

Be expressive :)