Friday, October 31, 2008

I Do not waste Food Anymore....

Recently I experienced something that made me to take
a strong decision of not to waste food. Now I want to
share the same experience in this post. I go to school
in the weekends to teach children (Teach India).All
these children are from nearby slum areas whose parents
are poor. That day I am teaching UKG class about good
habits, In order to make the class interactive I started
asking questions to the children, So one after other I am
asking the question "Weather they had their breakfast or
not". A seven year old who was very active and interactive
in the class said she hadn't done. When I asked the question
why? she was silent and not even looking at my eyes. Then I
saw her eyes, they were filled with tears, Actually she was
not crying but she was feeling hungry but she is not willing
to express that food is not available at her home in the morning.
So she is waiting for the lunch that would be provided in the
school. The same kind of tears I saw in a hungry begging boy
whom we provided food instead of money. Then I realized that
only hungry people knows the value of food.

Nobody has the right to waste the food when so many people go to
sleep with empty stomach.

Friday, October 10, 2008

When we acted like responsible Citizens

This is an incident that took place few months back when me and Raghu are comming back to Gurgaon from Delhi after attending a friends party. Time was aroung 11 pm and we were on the Highway on my bike. Just before entering the gurgaon we saw few people gathering on the side lane road, after nearing that place we saw 3 people lying on the road with blood along with their bike. A woman standing in that group was saying that a car hit them and run away and that happenened just 20 minutes back. I am shocked to know that these 3 men were lying on the road for 20 minutes without any help. Few seconds i too felt hesitent to go near to them but then a thought came to my mind "What if these three persons are my friends who met with an accident and lying on the road then what would I expect from the genenal public. How i wish them to react". I too reacted in the same way . Even I do not know what I should do but still I took the initiative and moved forward towards those lying on the road. I checked their breathing and all the three where alive. I got water from the nearby place and poured it into their mouth. As they are unconsious they are not able to swallow the water , then someone from the group said to close their nose and pour the water, Some more people joined me to help me and I did the same soon those 3 people became consiuos. I tried to stop some of the vehicles to carry these people to the nearby hospital but none of them stopped their vechicle. More and More people gathered there and one of the person called the highway police and soon they arrived the spot and arranged some vehicles, we carried them into the vehicles and soon the vehicles left the place. Soon we too left the place with a great feeling that we acted with some responsibility. A great feeling which made us feel proud about ourselves.