Monday, October 30, 2006

Be Captalist at mind but Communist at heart

Yesterday i donated blood at Indian RedCross society New Delhi.I did this becoz one of our family dream of having a own house is fulfilled recently.This is a good thing happened to us. so i did one good thing to the society.we generally pray god for good things to happen to us(fulfilling our dreams) but once it happens we forget god by saying thanks to him .instead we have to reciprocate by doing something good to the society.thats how we can really thank god.There are many occassions when we feel good things are happening to us like getting a good job,getting a promotion,recovering soon from the ill health,buying something that is long cherished and so on(for which many of us wait eagarly) but once we got that we celebrate it with our friends by giving a party .if u really feel that u r happy with what u got .u should spend atleast 1/10 th of the money that u spend on parties for the people whom you never met and from whom you can expect nothing in return but who are desperately in need of help.In this captalist world we are first bothored about us .thats true.but atleast second position should be given to the society.Even after 59 years of independance India has 30 crore of its population is Below poverty line earning less than 1 dollar per day.We should not expect government alone should take the reponsibility but instead every citizen should share the responsibility.its not the charity we are doing but its duty.whatever small help u can do .you have to do .It may not change the entire society but it can change some lives.Iam an ordinary person of this country and iam able to do all these things and so i others too can do all these things.Even always we think as captalist abt our career ,abt our growth ,abt our monetory and physical benifits and so on.we should sometimes think as a communist abt the society.

Monday, October 23, 2006

My Special Diwali

This Diwali is very special in my life.Till date i celebrated diwali either with my family or friends but this year i celebrated Diwali with some one who are very special.This diwali i(along with my friend) went to a church which is running a home for both phically and mentally challenged children .we took the permission from the sister of the church and took some crakers and some sweets to the children.We reached the place at 7.00 pm at that time all the surrounding places were full of lights except this chruch was in dark and all the children were inside the church.First we placed all candles around the churh and made the place clourful.Then children came out of the church ,by just seeing the lights itself children were exited,when we started burning crackers there were no bounds to their happiness.they just danced clapped and enjoyed a lot that event.After that we distributd sweets and choclates.As we are abt to leave the place all the children hugged us and asked us not to leave the place.At that instance i felt that pure love from those children.Even the father and sisters of the church appreciated our work because they saw children enjoying the event to a great extent.This may be memorable day to those children,at the sametime it became a very special day in my life

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

GandhiGiri in Practice

by that small everdy day example i want to show how we can bring change with out any doing anything extra but just doing what is right.Here i followed two gandhian principles
1. Admitting my mistake sincerely
2. Giving respect to my cook .(Apun se chote admi ke saath Apun ka behaviour acha hona chahiye "Lage Raho..."dialog)
Generally i saw people changing their behaviour depending on the person they are dealing with ,They show too much obidience for people higher than them and behave too rudely with the people who are below him(below can be economically,socially,professionally etc).this is not a good practice.Gandhi says to give same respect to the person who do menial jobs as that respect u give to the men in power.
i started following this principle long back when i am in my college
i used to treat my juniors equally as i treat my seniors and batchmets.Now at office also i behave equally well with the freshers and juniors ie with compassion and understandingly.
In the present scenario gandhigiri is not only behaving well with the persons who tries to do bad to u or behaves rude to u but also doing good to others who do nothing to u,who are nothing to u ,with whom u can expect nothing in return,this way of doing good is called as UnConditional Love,I would write in detail abt this topic in my next posting...............

Gandhigiri Continued

Gandhigiri Continues................
That day when i quit the place quitely , my friend who sat beside me(while taking food) came to me and said that i had acted cowardly by being silient,he said that the cook is not expected to behave that way.Then i replied that i should also not behave in the way cook behaved. i know that my silence caused him much hurt,then that could have caused when i uttered a word against him.Its not that rude behaviour should be met with rude behaviour everytime. Many times our good Behaviour serves our purpose than our rude behaviour. At last i could bring change in behaviour.........
change in whom???????????????????????
my cook?
no not at all
its change in my fellow hostlers.
Everybody came to know what happened and all started thinking abt my behaviour
From then all did what cook is expected us to do.
After few days cook apolozised for his behavoiur
and happy that everyone is sharing his work burden

Thursday, October 12, 2006

For Accepting u r Mistake u Require Courage

it took lot of time for posting my second message over this blog.that is because i forgot my password of my blog.if some one asks what is my weakness then i would say forgotfulness is one of my weakness bcoz i forgot simple and silly things.Today i want to share a thing that happened recently and how gandhigiri helped me.I stay in a hostel in Gurgaon there after dinner we leave our plates and move away from the place and the boy would take that plates.For some days boy went to his home town and the cook himself had to take our plates.We people (hostelers) hadnt taken notice of the fact,he requested some of the hostelrs to take away their plates after dinner(which i came to know later).but nobody listened.All of a sudden when iam leaving the place without taking my plate he just shouted on me. i got too much angry.felt like bombarding the cook,but just before opening my mouth i started thinking from his side.felt like iam wrong still there is lot of anger inside.then i justed asumed what if my boss orders me ?what i would do??then i just took my plate and kept it near wash basin without uttering even a single word.
Gandhigiri continues..................................