Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gandhigiri Continued

Gandhigiri Continues................
That day when i quit the place quitely , my friend who sat beside me(while taking food) came to me and said that i had acted cowardly by being silient,he said that the cook is not expected to behave that way.Then i replied that i should also not behave in the way cook behaved. i know that my silence caused him much hurt,then that could have caused when i uttered a word against him.Its not that rude behaviour should be met with rude behaviour everytime. Many times our good Behaviour serves our purpose than our rude behaviour. At last i could bring change in behaviour.........
change in whom???????????????????????
my cook?
no not at all
its change in my fellow hostlers.
Everybody came to know what happened and all started thinking abt my behaviour
From then all did what cook is expected us to do.
After few days cook apolozised for his behavoiur
and happy that everyone is sharing his work burden

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SRKR said...

Good to hear such thing Maddy. Most of the people don't follow things that are written in books. They just follow life examples. This is one such example. Being cool n calm and thinking from all perspectives is a very powerful tool in human relations. Hope more people read this and at least a few of them change their attitude :-)