Monday, October 30, 2006

Be Captalist at mind but Communist at heart

Yesterday i donated blood at Indian RedCross society New Delhi.I did this becoz one of our family dream of having a own house is fulfilled recently.This is a good thing happened to us. so i did one good thing to the society.we generally pray god for good things to happen to us(fulfilling our dreams) but once it happens we forget god by saying thanks to him .instead we have to reciprocate by doing something good to the society.thats how we can really thank god.There are many occassions when we feel good things are happening to us like getting a good job,getting a promotion,recovering soon from the ill health,buying something that is long cherished and so on(for which many of us wait eagarly) but once we got that we celebrate it with our friends by giving a party .if u really feel that u r happy with what u got .u should spend atleast 1/10 th of the money that u spend on parties for the people whom you never met and from whom you can expect nothing in return but who are desperately in need of help.In this captalist world we are first bothored about us .thats true.but atleast second position should be given to the society.Even after 59 years of independance India has 30 crore of its population is Below poverty line earning less than 1 dollar per day.We should not expect government alone should take the reponsibility but instead every citizen should share the responsibility.its not the charity we are doing but its duty.whatever small help u can do .you have to do .It may not change the entire society but it can change some lives.Iam an ordinary person of this country and iam able to do all these things and so i others too can do all these things.Even always we think as captalist abt our career ,abt our growth ,abt our monetory and physical benifits and so on.we should sometimes think as a communist abt the society.

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