Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Quotation that changed my life

Today i would share an instance which had great influence in my life.After my graduation there was a stage in my life where i had been a complete failure,The risk that i had taken did not gave me desired results,all my efforts turned out to be futile.Frustration started ,worry abt the future started,started comparing myself with others who r successfull.inferiority started creaping into my mind.when all the negatives started happening in my life ,i started cursing God saying he is very unkind towards me.With all the failures one after another i lost my self esteem i lost respect that i give to myself.I felt that iam fit for nothing,there is no use me being alive.That was my pessimistic mindset at that time.
But one day everything changed .that day i went to library and took a kids book called "Wisdom" .that book consists of quotations for kids .in that one quotation i read more than 20 times and here is that quotation: "I always used to feel bad about my torn shoes until i saw someone without legs" .This is a simple one line quotation.but if we think deep there would be lot of information for all of those who would be subjected to selfpity.In my next blog i would share how much influence that single line had in my thinking process and subsequently in my life...

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