Saturday, December 09, 2006

Article that i send to friends on World Aids Day

As part of my Aware ness camphaign i had wrote some article on Aids and send it all my friends.iam posting that article once again here.

Today it is World Aids Day. Todays Message is Be Aware of Aids,have discussions about Aids,Do not discriminate people who are suffering from aids.As these people are already fighting with the disease let them not fight with the society too.Accept them and love them bcoz it is the only relief that they wud get from the pain they are suffering. Aids spreads mainly by 3 ways 1.unsafe sex 2.blood transfusion or improper needle use(of thats aids patient's) 3.Aids patient giving birth to child Always be careful and cautious bcoz "Prevention is better than Cure".Awareness is the only weapon through which we can start our battle againt Aids.Come join me in this fight against Aids to eradicate Aids from this world .
Thanks and Regards
Maddy (Maddi Rama Surya Viswanath)

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