Saturday, December 09, 2006

Never Complain about life

In a class room we can find people of differnent abilities .some wud be a toppers,some average performers and some weak students.In the same way even in the gods creations there will be people of different abilities ,all we have to do is accept them.

I just want to describe u what happened last sunday.The before sunday i went to a blind youth hostel in New Delhi by taking some sweets.There i got acquinted with a visually challenged person Mr Amit Kumar a 31 year from bihar doing his PHD in English and working as a teacher in a private school.After our first meeting we took each other numbers.after 4 days i called him once again.The call which he is least expecting bcoz he says that people generally take his number for formality sake.Actually he wants some help which requires some knowledge in english for buying a guide for a competetive exams(he already cleared an exam(prelims) for Jr lecturer post of Delhi Govt and so wants to clear mains.he just wants persons to c the content weather it is matching with the syllabus.So last sunday i went to meet him.As that day it is world disabled day,he went to perform a show.after 2 hours of my arrival he came and i had taken lunch along with him.
we disscused many issues and i asked many questions.he was a matured person and in each sentance i saw lot of life's philosophy that he learned through struggle and hardships.A topper upto 12 th standard had to face problem after going to college.where it was difficult to get books in braile and so has to depend upon a reader who wud record the cassettes and give to him.At the same time the schorship that he is getting upto then got stopped and so he has to take up some part time job(taking tutions for children) to meet his financial needs.this effected his education .after few years he had cleared a test for post graduation in english but could not join bcoz of financial constraints.He worked for few years and then joined for pg program and now continuing his phd.he is an ambitious person who wants to be independent and a firm believer in destination.
these r the few things he said
"I never complain abt anything and i accept what i got and i believe that i wud get what iam destined to get but i wud not stop my struggle and sit ideally doubting my abilities.i wud move ahead and face all the hardships that come my way bcoz they wud make me much more stronger"

later he took his phone book and asked me read a number that he wants to call,i said give the phone to me i wud type the numbers but he refused to give his phone saying that "let me do my things by myself,i dont want to depend on others for the things that i can do".

After that we went for buying the book,he got habituated of getting in and getting out of running busses bcoz no bus stops exactly in the bus stops and no bus waits till all the passengers gets in.Looking at which i got scared and asked him."R u not risking u r life ?"This is what he said then "Yes it can be a risk but this risk i had to take to move forward in life"

These r the few reactions that i saw from the general public while i spend time with him

1.some people tried to show too much sympathy and tried to help him out in his daily activities etc .which he used to refuse .

2. There r some people who saw him as an untouchable

3. There r even some people who laughed at him showing their ugly teeth.

4. The good thing that i had seen is.while iam in their institution.i saw people cmg their bringing something or other that wud help them.More over that institution is run by the donations given by the donars itself.Hats off to Delhites.

After spending some time with him i came to realize that they r not disabled persons.They r more challenged persons.They do not require our Sympathy nor they expect us to bear their complete burden.All they reqire is a supporting hand and an understanding heart,so that they can stand on their feet and live an independent life.Currently my friend stays in a room near to his school all alone,he is seriously preparing for exam where he has to face compitetion from sighted people,he wants to get an government job which can give him security .so that he can get married and settle down.

so never call anybody as a disabled person. call them just as challenged person
Never complain about life just move forward positively

Thanks and Regards
Maddy (Maddi Rama Surya Viswanath)

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