Thursday, January 04, 2007


Today i wud like to share how i along with 3 of my friends celebrated our new year.we had nt celebrated in a booze party or a dance party but still it is our best new year celebrations.This is what we did on that day.
Me and my friends(all software Engineers) went to a Orphange for mentally and physically challenged people,There we came to know that school going children are having problem with the water bottles,(as these children r carrying pet bottles) .for other children who attend special schools and the children who stay in the orphanage itself we buyed some toys.Then we took a birthday cake,candles,choclates,biscuits and baloons.We placed the cake in between all the children ,entire place we filled with baloons and then asked all the children to blow out all the candles on the cake at once.then i took each childs name aked them to cut the cake and asked other children to clap for her,in this way we gave a chance for each child to cut the cake.After that we distributed waterbottles and toys according to their ages.At the end choclates biscuits and cakes were distrubuted to the children.Though our activity seams like very small one but its a great event for those children.All the children were thrilled and surprised for what we r doing,They really enjoyed the party that we had given to them.while iam leaving that place i cud find the pleasing smiles on all their faces.
By January 1st 2007 my Smile Please organisation completed one year,In the last one year i did many activites and many more planned for this year.Even the Annual Celebrations were celebrated by bringing smiles on the childrens faces.

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