Monday, October 23, 2006

My Special Diwali

This Diwali is very special in my life.Till date i celebrated diwali either with my family or friends but this year i celebrated Diwali with some one who are very special.This diwali i(along with my friend) went to a church which is running a home for both phically and mentally challenged children .we took the permission from the sister of the church and took some crakers and some sweets to the children.We reached the place at 7.00 pm at that time all the surrounding places were full of lights except this chruch was in dark and all the children were inside the church.First we placed all candles around the churh and made the place clourful.Then children came out of the church ,by just seeing the lights itself children were exited,when we started burning crackers there were no bounds to their happiness.they just danced clapped and enjoyed a lot that event.After that we distributd sweets and choclates.As we are abt to leave the place all the children hugged us and asked us not to leave the place.At that instance i felt that pure love from those children.Even the father and sisters of the church appreciated our work because they saw children enjoying the event to a great extent.This may be memorable day to those children,at the sametime it became a very special day in my life

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