Thursday, October 12, 2006

For Accepting u r Mistake u Require Courage

it took lot of time for posting my second message over this blog.that is because i forgot my password of my blog.if some one asks what is my weakness then i would say forgotfulness is one of my weakness bcoz i forgot simple and silly things.Today i want to share a thing that happened recently and how gandhigiri helped me.I stay in a hostel in Gurgaon there after dinner we leave our plates and move away from the place and the boy would take that plates.For some days boy went to his home town and the cook himself had to take our plates.We people (hostelers) hadnt taken notice of the fact,he requested some of the hostelrs to take away their plates after dinner(which i came to know later).but nobody listened.All of a sudden when iam leaving the place without taking my plate he just shouted on me. i got too much angry.felt like bombarding the cook,but just before opening my mouth i started thinking from his side.felt like iam wrong still there is lot of anger inside.then i justed asumed what if my boss orders me ?what i would do??then i just took my plate and kept it near wash basin without uttering even a single word.
Gandhigiri continues..................................

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