Wednesday, October 18, 2006

GandhiGiri in Practice

by that small everdy day example i want to show how we can bring change with out any doing anything extra but just doing what is right.Here i followed two gandhian principles
1. Admitting my mistake sincerely
2. Giving respect to my cook .(Apun se chote admi ke saath Apun ka behaviour acha hona chahiye "Lage Raho..."dialog)
Generally i saw people changing their behaviour depending on the person they are dealing with ,They show too much obidience for people higher than them and behave too rudely with the people who are below him(below can be economically,socially,professionally etc).this is not a good practice.Gandhi says to give same respect to the person who do menial jobs as that respect u give to the men in power.
i started following this principle long back when i am in my college
i used to treat my juniors equally as i treat my seniors and batchmets.Now at office also i behave equally well with the freshers and juniors ie with compassion and understandingly.
In the present scenario gandhigiri is not only behaving well with the persons who tries to do bad to u or behaves rude to u but also doing good to others who do nothing to u,who are nothing to u ,with whom u can expect nothing in return,this way of doing good is called as UnConditional Love,I would write in detail abt this topic in my next posting...............

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French Fancy said...

Wow, you've got a cook. How cool is that