Saturday, January 02, 2010

Diversity in Unity

We feel proud when we hear that this nation(India) is a
Unity in Diversity. But today politicians are doing their
best to find out the diversity in that unity, They are
polorizing people on the basis of Region,Religion,language,
caste, creed and even the accent of the language used and to
a great extent they are becomming successful, also becomming
heros in that polorized group. People are started listing out
few uncommon things with others, leaving apart a big list of
Common things that they share together. Across Globe when people
are talking about rubbing away borders(European Unoion) we are
talking about drawing more lines, this is a bad sign. Yes there
are sentiments and we have to respect them, also there
are problems and we to find a solution to them but not
creating other big problem.
No leader is going to change the things and no government can do
everything. It is the responsibility of every citizen to findout
ways to reach the core problems and find a solution for that.
Every citizen should become a leader and they have to
lead by example and so not allowing our cunning politicians to
involve in divisive politics by playing with the sentiments of
the people. Let's save this nation. JaiHind.

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