Friday, January 01, 2010

Letters of Hope

One month back, I took tarak along with me for some
work of mine. After completion of the work while re
turning back, we visited his sisters house which is
on the way. Actually she is not his sibling nor his
cousin, but a few letters build that relationship.
The story began when Tarak was in college,
One day he was travelling in train along with his
friends, in the same train she was travelling, One
of the Tarak's friend srinivas started talking with
her. A NRI girl from UK who came to India after sudden
dismise of her parents by discontinuing her education.
After comming to India her own relatives rejected her.
All these events led to a feeling of lonliness, which
later turned to depression, She wanted somebody
to share her fellings of greif and srinivas provided
that listening ear.
After hearing this touching story of her from srinivas,
Tarak started writing letters to her hostel where she was living
alone. This continued for few years, One day when Tarak
met her for the first time after years he was surprised
to hear that the letters he wrote saved her life. Because
of the depression she often used to get a feeling of
commiting suside, at that moment she used to read the letters
of tarak again and again which gave her lot of strength and
confidence and later she even joined a call center and started
earning for herself making a step forward for a better future.
I felt very happy listening this story from Tarak and I
could not able to resist myself appreciating tarak for this
noble act, realized the power of good words which can bring
hope and can even save lives. I too decided to write letters
to people whom I come across who are depressed and sad and
who requires some hope to look at the future. Thank you
tarak for this wonderful message.

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