Thursday, October 22, 2009

The story of Govind

After nearly one year later I am publishing a post in my blog,
because something touched my heart so deeply that I felt worth
sharing. Recently I organized a picnic to some of the orphan
kids in an orphanage, who were feeling lonely during the dussera
vacation. While we are returning from the picnic, I sat with babu
(a physically challenged boy who is eldestamong all the kids) and
asking about all the other kids, then I came toknow this story of
10 years back when govind was just months old baby,
he was found in a public dustbin to a social worker, Govind was in
that dustbin without food and water for 3 days and this damaged
his brain cells to a great extent. Today he is 10 year old
physically challenged boy with both his hands and legs crippled,
still he was going to school and pursuing his education, but slowly
things became worse to govind, slowly he started loosing his sight
and becoming blind. When doctor was consulted, he said that slowly
each part of the govind s body would stop working and then he would
die,because of the damaged brain cells.
Babu said that one day govind came to him and
expressed that he no longer wants to live and want to die as soon
as possible. Listening to those words from babu, I felt really
touched deep down in my heart,Also I felt very bad that a ten
year old boy who saw nothing in his life other than grief and
grim is waiting for his death to come. Immediately I felt like
doing something to save his life, but it is nearly impossible,
all that we can do is,give him some sweet moments in life, some
happier times to cherish and most importantly some good words
of hope. There are many govind s out there in this society
and it is our duty to reach them and bring HOPE in their lives.


Harinath Mallepally said...

Touching, so sad, is there anything we can do here?

Anandamaya Dasa said...

HARI NATH you can do one important thing ADOPT A CHILD