Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is how I celebrated 27th BirthDay

On July 19 th 2008 I celebrated my 27th Birthday. I planned it carefully and executed it perfectly, I had taken
up certain activities and made this B'day very special in my Life. I am sharing my activities.

Activity 1 : I had presented new clothes to our cook, who is working for us for the past one year, Gifts to people who are working for us sincerely, would definitely make them happy. He was Happy.

Activity 2 : There is a Hanuman Temple near to my House, where a group of working young people (Esp Software Engineers)started food distribution program (Bhandar) on Tesday and Thrusday nights for the poor people(riksha wallah's, maids and other people doing petty jobs in shops etc). I too joined as sevak in that group and on my B'day I contributed some money for the same.

Activity 3: Planted a mango tree plant in front of our House. During my school days one of my teacher said "If everybody plants a tree plant on their B'day's it would be sufficient to make this entire area green" I still remember it but it took me 27 years to Implement the same but I am sure that I would continue it in the
future too.

Activity 4: I am also associated with one of the Blind Hostel in Delhi which runs on the public donations itself, I donated some amount to dinner for one day for all the visually challenged people in the Hostel. Also I had one Visually challenged friend in the Hostel whose name is Amit (Pg in English literature Delhi University, BED,MED )and presently doing his PHD had his tape recorder (Which he uses for his study
by listening to the lessons which were recorded) got repaired and it is hindering his study, I got it repaired and gifted it to him. He was really happy.

Activity 5: In the evening I took a cake, some snacks and cool drinks to an Orphanage( for mentally and Phisically challenged children) . I cut the cake when these children sang the Birth Day song to me. After we took snacks and cakes , I sang with them,danced with them,played with them, listened to all that they are trying to say to me. At the end when I am trying to leave that place these children hugged me and said not to go and asked me when I would come again to meet them. All the children enjoyed the Bday party to a great extent and myself at the top of the world by looking happiness in their faces.

Activity 6: On my personel front I had taken a resolution to work on two of my weakness which I identified that exists in me and decided to check them by my next Birthday on how far I was able to overcome my weaknesses.

One thing that I could not do on this B'day is donating Blood which I generally do on my Bday because 3 months back itself I had done voluntary blood donation.

Iam sharing all this, Not for any appreciate and not that I feel that I had done a great thing but instead I feel that I had done the right thing. One Special day that comes every year regularly in everyone's life is one's birthday, If we are
able to make it really special with some purposeful deeds then that birth day would become memorable in our life,

Note: Please do not donate money to Beggars in the name of charity, this is just encouraging people to take up Begging as the Profession.

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