Saturday, July 26, 2008

Giving Back to Society

This message is a reply to my friend that I had mailed him when he asked me to
take up my activities on regular basis...

I started these activities when I am in the final year of Btech, There is a deaf and dumb school adjacent to our college, it is run by TTD and it has children from different parts of telengana region. I visited that place with some chocolates when my brother got job. From then on I started doing small small activities now and
then that too silently because I felt shy and odd to discuss these things, because internally i had the feeling that I am doing some charity. But once when I realized that it my duty to give back to society in the best possible way. I started doing things on regular basis. Every week i plan some activity and do it. I felt that my
reach is limited and so I became Loud in saying what ever I am doing because when I am Loud I started hearing the echo from different quarters. People from different places who had this intrest in giving back to society started calling me and asking
me to guide them. In my office itself there are some of my colleagues asking me to involve them too in my activities. My activities are like a drop in a ocean, But still it is the start and now I am young and energetic and so I can involve in many different activities. In this process I came across criticism from some people and also there are instances when people made fun of me but still I am moving ahead because I am convinced that whatever I am doing is right. I got the support and encouragement from majority of people. If a few words in a quote can influence my thinking then I think few actions of mine would definitely have an impact on thinking of some people.

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