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Blood donation on the independence day

Hi Friends I am sharing a mail conversation that happened

in our college batch mets yahoo group.

hi vinay,
Good to c u r mail and Thank you for sending sending such
an informative mail to the group. Actually few days back i too
thought of writing the same kind of mail to educate about
blood donation and it's importance. I just want to add a real
story that happened 3 years back in banglore.

There was a software engineer (I do not remember his name)
who had the habbit of donating blood on his birthday and he
was doing that regularly every year for many years. One day
he met with an accident and got admitted in a hospital by then
he lost lot of blood but still he was alive when he reached
the hospital, but at the hospital there was no blood available
for his treatment. hospital authorities tried their best , but could
not get the blood on time and so that software engineer lost his
life. After knowing what happened to their friend, His friends
were virtually shocked because a person who donates his
blood for others died because of unavailability of blood, They
immediately started a website as a tribute to their friend which
would share the availability of blood in different blood banks
and also shares the urgent requirement in different hospitals.
His friends had only one motto in their mind that no person
should die because of unavailability of blood.

I saw this story in a news channel and i am moved by that
story. I realized that the reason for his death is not the accident
but the callous attitude of public, having this much population
in this country but still people die because of lack of blood is a
shame to the country itself, From then on I started donating
blood voluntarily and fulfilling my duty as the citizen of the country
From 2005 to till date I donated 7-8 times by maintaining sufficient
gap in between and I am healthy today. My blood group is O+ a
common blood group but it would have good requirement because
maximum people would have this blood group. People having
rare blood groups should not donate regularly but should
register themselves with the blood banks (not all but only
well known and reputed blood banks like Indian Red Cross etc)
because they would call u when ever there is an urgent requirement.
While donating blood in blood banks I saw how desperate people
would be to get some blood to save their dear one's. There are
some diseases, which requires the patients to continuously change their
blood at regular intervals of time. So we can say that there is huge
requirement for blood as such, in India and voluntary blood donation
saves many lives.

Kosamerupu : I even took a snap with Megastar Chiranjeevi when I
donated blood in Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust in Hyderabad :)

Thanks and Regards


Blood donation on the independence day


Out of the 8.5 million units of blood that is required in a year in India ,
only 5.5 million units is actually available.

*We can save life by Donating BLOOD !!! It's a small way of contributing to
the society :)*

We can make it a tradition to donate blood every year on the eve of
Independence Day !!!

You might have heard that blood donation makes you weak or that it increases
the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS or other diseases. Here are some facts
about blood donation:

- Donating blood does not make you weak.
- When you donate one unit of blood it equals 350 to 450 ml which is five
to six ltr of blood. It is however, replenished in 24 hours.
- Blood donation does not put you at risk of HIV/AIDS if you make sure
you use sterile disposable equipment.
- It reduces the risk of heart attack.

Vinay G

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