Saturday, November 07, 2009

Being Good and Doing Good

Many come with the argument that if one is good then that
itself is the greatest contribution to the society, But
the fact is our good is of no use when it cannot help
someone in need, cannot give hope to someone who is
depressed, cannot bring smile to someone who is sad.
If someone is good then he/she is the one who could do
some good to the society and this is the time for action.
Some say that "I would start doing somthing to society
when I.........." But that time would never come until
we commit to do somthing to society from today. Yes
everybody is busy and running fast for their careers and
ambitions in their life, but at the same time we had that
responsibility on our shoulders to give our hand to those
who could not move forward. One need not be a Bill Gates
or Naraya moorthy or any other celebrity to do this and
one should remember that everybody cannot be a Bill Gates.
Every common man can do his bit by doing what ever he can.
Living and let living is the true meaning of life.

Some Tips: This is how I started doing somthing in small
ways to the society.
1) When somthing good happens in my life
like getting job, achieving somthing, good things happening
to my family memebers, for birthdays, annivarsaries etc, I
made it a point to do some good work for others without
expecting anything in return, As all the good things bring
happiness in my life, I decided to share that happiness with
as many people as possible.
2)I sacrifice small small comforts of mine and save that money,
like travelling in AC for long journeys, giving grand parties
for small achievements, Watching lot of movies in Malls. All
these are really small things but I feel good sacrifising these
small things because I use that money for somthing really useful.
3)Creating awareness about social issues in my own world, like
for eg. keeping a tag "Stop Child Labour" at the end of every email
I send,because many times people around may not recognize some
issues as problems that need to tackled.

No matter who we are or where we are, still there would be people
around us, who are desperately waiting for our help and it is our
duty to reach them.


anish said...

Hi Maddy, I came across your blog through your comments on nitw Asthra blog. I really appreciate your support for the society and would like to say real thanks for doing so. I just read this idea of adding a small social issue to the end of email and liked this idea. I would do that from now onwards. Be passionate of your dream and keep moving!

nitw cs 03-07

Swarna said...

Hai Vissu,
Its wonderful what you are doing and nothing more I can say,...

After a long time I truely felt like to share one of my personal experience here.....

I was totally vexed, tired, disturbed and more and more after a continuous issues around me, today I just typed 'gandhigiri maddy' in google and read your blogs..
(I used to read your blogs earlier, i forgot your blog address and so searched for it)

I read, searched for your new blog posts and read again...

A thought process in mind, when we do good and be good for all things turn to be good....

All past frustations vanished off my mind and just a silence came in .. that says things can be made fine...

You give a change, encouragement, more over a time to think back what I was doing and what can be done next....
Thanks for your blogs ..