Saturday, January 02, 2010

Voice of Common Man

Recently I went to a nearby temple early in the morning,
As Hindus consider that day as very auspicious day and
visiting temple on that day is considered as very good.
So when I reached there, lot of people are already waiting
outside the temple in the quee, suddenly when the temple
volunteers went inside the temple to control the mob inside
the temple, they closed the gates of the temple, to clear the
devotees who are already in the temple,mob outside the temple
blocked the main entrance door of the temple. As the devotees
inside temple could not go out from the main entrance door,
they opted a narrow path where electric wires are lying of
the ground, people inside the temple are carefully comming
out slowly from this narrow lane, People ouside the temple
who thought that they are getting late to their offices,
started getting into the temple from the path where the
people comming out. Everybody identified the risk of going
in that path but still they are going ahead into the temple.
Slowly more and more people started opting the
same path, As there are no volunteers to stop the people in
choosing that wrong path, all the people were risking their
own lives. I was thinking some one need to stop them from
going that way, then it striked me why someone why not me.
I stood in front of that path stopping people getting into
that temple by that way, Some questioned me who am I to stop
them, Some criticized me of doing a devil's job by not
allowing them into the temple, But I started explaing
what was the possible risk if mor and more people choose
that path. Many who got convinced about what I am saying
joined hands with me and we formed a chain blocking that
wrong path to enter into the temple. A police personel
who came temple along with his family appreciated our
effort. Later everything got normal.
At times we may not be a authorized people to do
some task, but to prevent somthing bad happening and for
larger good of the peole, we can take some responsibilities
on our shoulders and act to a role that is required at that

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